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Dana Sila Bhavana Happiness Peace Tranquility
Free Classes

DHAMMA CLASS- Every Thursday from 7- 9 pm.



                Every Saturday- All Day.


CHANTING- Every Sunday from 10-12 pm.


VIETNAMESE CLASS- Every Sunday 3 - 5 pm.

For children ages 5 and up.



Our Vietnamese class teacher is Mrs. Hien

Dang (Huong Nguyen), Buddhist name Dieu

Tram. She has 2 wonderful daughters. She

is very patient, caring, and loves children as

her own.


2017 Events

New Year


January 1, 2017 Sunday 10 AM - 28 Buddhas ceremony


Lunar New Year - Năm Đinh Dậu- Pray for World Peace


January 27 Friday Lunar New Year Eve (Giao Thừa) 6 PM - 10 PM


Future Buddha MAITREYA Ceremony- Pray for World Peace


January 28 Saturday (Mùng 1 TẾT )  10 AM

January 29 Sunday   (Mùng 2 TẾT )  10 AM

January 30 Monday   (Mùng 3 TẾT )  10 AM


Medicine Buddha- Khai Kinh Dược Sư


February 4th Saturday (Mùng 8 Tết) to Saturday February 25

Everyday at 11 AM


Ordination Ceremony - Lễ Thọ Bồ Tát Giới Phạn Võng


February 11 (Rằm tháng giêng) 10 AM


Quan Yin Bodhisattva Ceremony- Mars16 Thursday (19 tháng 2) 10 AM


Buddha's. Birthday - PHẬT ĐẢN - May 10th Wednesday (Rằm tháng 4) 10  AM


Monastics enter VASSA Season - August 6th Sunday (Rằm tháng 6) 8 AM


Quan Yin Boddhisattva Ceremony - August 10th Thursday  (19 tháng 6) 10 AM


Ancestors 's Ceremony - Lễ Vu Lan Báo Hiếu


September 5th Tuesday (Rằm tháng 7) 10 AM


Mid Autumn- Lễ Trung Thu- October 4th (Rằm tháng 8)


Monastics end VASSA Season- KATHINA Ceremony Lễ DÂNG Y


November 3th Friday (Rằm tháng 9) 10 AM


Quan Yin Boddhisattva Ceremony- November 7th Tuesday (19 tháng 9) 10 AM


Memorial Ceremony of The Most Venerable Thích Hộ Giác- December 5th Tuesday 10 AM


We have : "Sharing DHAMMA" every other SUNDAY at 7 p.m through " conference call. To

join us, simply dial :


1(712) 775-7035, then enter code: 623589#

The need to establish Lotus Meditation and Education Center was initially identified

by Bhikkhuni Susila. It was established under the guidance of the Sri Lankan Buddhist

 monk, Venerable Walpola Piyananda, the abbot of Dhamma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara. The center is not only for Bhikkhunis but also to serve anyone who is interested in studying

and practicing Buddhism. We use the original doctrines and practices taught by the

Buddha 2600 years ago, we follow and practice the oldest version of the Buddha's

teaching in the Theravada tradition.


Our goal is to fulfill the spiritual and educational needs of people who are

increasingly interested in learning and practicing Buddhism. We encourage both

children and adults, to learn the Buddha’s teachings. We direct them to practice Dana (generosity), Sila (morality) and Bhavana (meditation).


Lotus Meditation and Education Center teachers are very knowledgeable and fluent in

many languages: English, Vietnamese, Pali, Singhalese, Burmese, Japanese, and Hindi.


Charity Projects

Besides providing free classes at our center, we also have on-going charity projects in Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

Every penny you contribute will directly benefit the populations we are trying to help. Your assistance or

donation of any amount is greatly appreciated, and every service is priceless.


                                                    Vietnam                                                                   Sri Lanka                


                                     Bridges & eye surgery projects                                         English Classes

                                  Well-digging and planting projects                                Buddhist monastic training

                                Free wheelchairs and free medicines                  Scholarships for medical school students


n Cataract Surgery - $50 per patient n Wheelchair $100 - per person n Well with Pump - $125 each n Seeds for Planting - $200 per family/ one time assistance n Medical Student scholarship - $50 per person per month n Monastic Training- $30 per person per month n Bridge-building, medicines, bicycles, and books - Any amount Donation



Please choose a cause

that you would like to support

and make your check out to:


Lotus Mediation and Education Center

Mail to:


1446 Summitridge Drive.

Diamond Bar, CA  91765


Thank you for your generosity.



Our Leaders

Ms. Mai Thuy Hang, Buddhist name Quang Tri, is a wonderful leader for our charity

projects in Viet Nam. She spends all her time and money to help the needy. She

has a small body but a very big heart. She goes from north to south,from east to

west to help people. Sometimes she works with our group alone, sometimes she

connects us with other charity groups or temples. Currently she is in charge of our

office in Hai Trieu Am temple. May she have the blessings of the Triple Gem.






Dr. Hao Kim Cao, MD is the wonderful leader of our charity projects in Sri Lanka.

Her Buddhist name is Phap Nhan. We work under the guidance of  The Most

Venerable Dr. Walpola Pyananda. Dr. Cao inherits from her father, leader of a

Buddhist family in a temple and from her mother who became a Buddhist Nun

after her father's passing: Loving Kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy

and the Equanimity. Before becoming a doctor, she was a teacher and now

she is a mother of a beautiful daughter. She is very busy with her work, with her

family and also with our charity work. We are greatly grateful to her for helping

children in many ways. May THE TRIPLE GEM blesses her and her family.






Ms. Han Thuc Trinh, Buddhist name Sujata, is a pharmacy student in Claremont, California.

She is in charge of a group of 12 children and encourages their generosity, loving kindness,

and compassion. Together they contribute to the scholarships for medical students in

Sri Lanka so they can pursue their education. Scholarships are given out  every year on

New Year 's Day on a 5 years term.


  1. Erica , daughter of Mrs & Mr Hiển Nguyễn
  2. Emily , daughter of Mrs & Mr Hiển Nguyễn
  3. FabienThiện Minh Martel, son of Mrs Hậu
  4. Andy, son of Mrs & Mr Lộc Phạm
  5. Kevin , son of Mrs&Mr Lộc Phạm
  6. Benedict , son of Mrs&Mr Sujata
  7. Daniel , son of Mrs&Mr Tú Anh Nguyễn
  8. Vivian , daughter of Mrs&Mr Hương Nguyễn
  9. Kyle, son of Mrs & Mr Kevin Huynh
  10. Upamali Munaweera
  11. Dylan , son of Mrs & Mr Raymond Stebler
  12. Audrey , daughter of Mrs & Mr Raymond Stebler



Ms.Tammy Ha is the one who creates this beautiful  website and keeps it updated. She also contributes

regularly to our charity program in Viet Nam, specially the Eye Surgery project.  In 2007 she co-founded a

traveled extensively around the country and overseas to help promote, organize, and document Circle

Painting festivals and training workshops. Besides this project, she also works as a Pre-planing Advisor

at Rose Hills Memorial Park. She helps people to pre-plan so they and their family can have peace of mind.

She can be reached at 714-425-0599 if you have any questions.


Photos and Stories From Past Projects
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